Ford Mustang Automotive Leather Interior

Ford Mustang Automotive Leather Interior

Ford Mustang Automotive Leather Interior by Leather FX, Australia’s leading supplier of automotive leather. Featuring red cross hatch double stitch inserts in the Ford Mustang Automotive Leather Interior seats, door trims and consoles. A beautiful full leather interior featuring the world’s best leather. Having a beautiful Ford Mustang Automotive Leather Interior has many advantages, it is treated with a special protective clear coating which prevents nasty dust mites and natural body sweat and oils to soak in, this reduces bad odours and clean is as simple as warm soapy water. It is even highly regarded in the asthma foundation. Ford Mustang Automotive Leather Interior is a renewable resource, it’s natural and as individual as your finger print. You can see many grains which give the leather personality.

All trims are manufactured to a strict quality control program which ensures your new Leather FX interior abides by any relevant safety standards and most importantly the Original Manufactures Specifications. Thorough airbag testing is an important part of RnD, by understanding the original fabric trim we can guarantee our airbag seams will split at the exact bursting pressure.

A quality leather interior will set your car apart. You will see a better return on your vehicle when your sell and because you can customise your order this will ensure your vehicle is one of a kind!

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