About Leather FX, is a passion based company who take pride and a genuine interest in your vehicle or project. We source the best products and offer you the best solutions to your needs. We achieve this because of one simple focus, Listening. We firmly believe that if we listen to your needs and wants that we can match you to the best suited products which fills our statement of

Style – Quality –Satisfaction.

Leather FX loves leather. We boast the fact that we have many leather suppliers on hand, thus giving you the best outcome. Our competitors generally only offer 1 product or are front businesses for overseas companies. Leather FX is a leather independent, what you get is honest advice and the best trim that suits you.

Leather FX has a network of fitting outlets in select areas, again these individuals have past the quality control criteria and abide by the Leather FX standard. These craftsmen will ensure your pride and joy gets treated the way you want. With over 224 colours available in varying materials such as premium grain leather, nappa leather, suede, and vinyls. If we have nothing that matches in our range we go looking further until we find it. It is not only leather that we have passion in, vehicle enhancements to individualise or for extra function. We pride ourselves of supplying and fitting Parksafe park assist systems. These systems had outstanding test results during our testing phase and can carry up to a 7 year warranty! You will only find quality brands at Leather FX, Alpine is our choice of in dash solutions. From the basic DVD, Bluetooth, and reverse camera upgrade to the flagship models we guarantee that Alpine is the right choice.

Whatever you dream, whatever you want, Leather FX can help. Call us today or submit an online inquiry, we would love to hear from you.

(A bit of history)

Leather FX started long before the director Drew Carr even knew about it. Working in the family hardware store on the Gold Coast, valuable lessons such as customer service, and going the extra mile we being handed down. It would be noted that from a very young age Drew was absorbed by anything mechanical (cars in particularly). Fast forward a few years and Drew was selling new vehicles for brands such as Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, Peugeot, and Lotus. Using the skills learnt from the family store Drew noticed a major down fall in the industry.

Aftermarket accessories.

This sector provides many great opportunities and gives ways of expressing the individuality of the customer, however it was regularly noted that the service and products being used was undoing the great work of the standard vehicle and sales persons efforts. A few years later and many more lessons learnt Drew found himself in Melbourne in the leather interior industry. Armed with knowledge of how the new car dealers work and the consistent battles of quality customer service, Drew endeavoured to change the stigma around aftermarket accessories. During this time Drew managed OEM work and future projects. It was time. Drew made the decision to start Carr Trim & Accessories. The vision was simple, to offer new car dealers products they can rely on deliver within the agreed timeframe. Carr Trim & Accessories went to work testing products and ensuring they would last the test of daily use, neglect, children, and even stupidity. Many products failed and the ones that were left were offered to dealers with our own unique warranty.

Carr Trim & Accessories was growing and was in need of structure, it was decided that Carr Trim & Accessories would be dissolved into a new company Leather FX. This has enabled the business to diversify and offer not only new products but better advice. Today Leather FX has supplied products to every state and territory in Australia and offers advice to retail and wholesale customers.

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